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Delta Sailing Association


Delta Sailing Association has a plan to bridge the gap until Arkabutla has water again. You can be part of that plan.

The Corps indicates it could be 3-5 years from when the break in the dam was discovered until we have water to sail again. We must continuously lease and maintain the property if we ever want to see sailing again from Hernando Point as we have for over 50 years.

To bridge the gap, we hope to rely on two income sources:

  • SAILBOAT STORAGE: There are some area sailboat owners, DSA members included, who want a place to store boats, even if the opportunity to sail is not there. Relative to other storage options, the cost of storing a boat at DSA is a bargain. Serving this group is a key part of our survival strategy. If your boat is on the DSA lot, you are a STORAGE MEMBER. (NOTE: The completion of a Boat Lot Dry Storage Agreement only applies to new members.)
  • NON-BOAT MEMBERSHIP: The DSA by-laws were changed at the last annual meeting to allow (primarily) previous members to play a continuing full role in the Association including voting and holding office. If you are not keeping a boat at DSA, please consider supporting DSA with a NON-BOAT MEMBERSHIP. In addition, donations of any amount are welcome but not tax deductible.

If you have a boat on the DSA lot please pay your dues by March 31 and take advantage of the $25. fee deduction. If you do not have a boat on the lot anymore, please consider a NON-BOAT MEMBERSHIP and help DSA bridge the gap until water returns to Arkabutla. (Sorry, the $25 early payment deduction does not apply to this category.) If you can support a future for Mid-South sailing at DSA, please consider a donation of any amount.


Lynn Jones, DSA Treasurer

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