In this year that has seen many members boats damaged, some destroyed and lots of trees downed in our storage lot in a January tornado, plus pandemic-induced restrictions on a lot of our normal activities, the success of the September 20, 2020 Cotton Pickin’ Regatta made for a lot of smiles. The weather was fine, Woody and Richard’s hotdogs were tasty, and the sight of seven boats on the water was a reassuring sight. There was a lot of activity on the lot as DSA members gathered to either launch boats, watch the auction that DSA held, or just plain get a chance to talk sailing again, meet a few new members, and catch up with some folks we hadn’t seen in a while.

Commodore Tim Ryan managed to get off one complete race that was open to all classes of boats. The best result was sailboats on the water – always a beautiful sight! – but the final tally looked like this: 1) Tom Gleeson – Lightning, 2) Steve Koulogianes – Thistle, 3) Rich Hall – Lightning, 4) Bill Baxter – Lightning, 5) Matthew Lee – Thistle, 6) Keith Price – O’Day Daysailor, 7) John Garner – O’Day Daysailor. Several photographers, including Kevin Berisso and DSA member Matty Dolan, got some good shots that should make their way to the Photo Gallery.

As well as the abbreviated version of our fall regatta, we held an auction of two boats prompted by DSA’s “Abandoned Property Policy”. This year both auctioned boats were donated to DSA and both found new owners willing to invest some effort in breathing new life into a 15 footer as well as a 23 footer. Thanks to all who participated.

There should be enough water in the Lake to launch and sail for several more weeks and the docks are still afloat, so some good fall sailing may still be available. It was good to see our sailing club wind up the year with what we like to do best – SAIL!