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  • Hey everyone, my name is Justin and I'm new around here.

    I've been very interested in sailing for years, and I never realized there were so many other people interested in sailing in my area. While I have practically zero experience with sailing, it has been one of my dreams to own and operate a boat of my own. Currently I'm on the search to purchase a small boat like a sunfish or a mini fish to start. Aside from boating, I'm currently enrolled in the University of Memphis as a Clarinet Performance major and I am an avid rock climber. I love the outdoors.

    My Questions.

    Being the novice that I am, I'm not quite sure how things work around here. I would really like to participate even though I don't have a boat of my own. How can I do that?

    I'm an Eagle Scout and rock climber, so knots and such come easy to me, but would I be able to learn from any other members about the basics of sailing?

    Would anyone here want to take to the time to teach a beginner, or should I just go look for a class to take somewhere?

    I'm confused about the racing thing. It sounds fun, but once I get my sunfish or whatever small boat, will I be able to race that, or is it too small?

    Do you guys just have races for fun? With no restrictions on boat size or type?

    I hope someone responds eventually, because I would love to have some people to sail with so I can learn the ropes.

    Thanks, Justin
  • Justin,

    There are many opportunities to participate in sailing at DSA without owning a boat as many of the boat owners are always looking for crew. Also, many of our crew start with little or no experience sailing/racing. Basically we will teach you on the boat.

    There are a variety of boats at the club but all the racing is done on Lightnings and Thistles. We have club racing each Sunday afternoon and on some Thursday evenings. These are good opportunities for you to get on a boat as a crew and start to learn both basic sailing and racing. Generally you just need to show up on a Sunday afternoon, though you may want to check with us at this time of the year as we may not race if it is really hot or no wind...

    If you send me an e-mail at I will let you know details about club racing over the next few weeks and answer any other questions you may have.

  • Thanks a ton!
  • jwebster

    Hey everyone, my name is Justin and I'm new around here.



    I would really like to participate even though I don't have a boat of my own. How can I do that?

    Get yourself down to the lake and jump on a boat. icon_wink

    The beachcat sailors are a fun growing group who like our boats fast and modern. Any time more than one is on the water it's a race, and we are always looking for new blood.

    What is a beachcat you might ask? They are the high performance beachable multihulls. Did you watch the last Americas cup? FAST FAST FAST compared to other sailboat types and no harder to learn, in fact most of us got started by buying a cheap used boat and figuring it out.

    We love to get new sailors on board so come on down to the lake Saturday around noon and we will get you on some boats.

    Contact me direct, I'm the webmaster on this site, so you can use the contact form to contact the webmaster or call or text me at 901 area code

    (backwards number) 0381-533

    Damon Linkous

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