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Great DSA Banquet

Contributed by damon on Feb 28, 2014 - 09:38 AM

The DSA Annual Banquet was a big success with 45-50 members attending. Packing that many sailors into a small glass room ready for 25 was a bit of a problem for Jims Place Restaurant and noise was an issue discussed several times with junior management.

Sorry, but you get that many sailors together who haven't been able to tell sailing stories all winter and things might be expected to get a little rowdy. Since taking that many individual menu orders was beyond the abilities of the Jims Place staff and kitchen we were presented with a list of three items our group was allowed to order.

Each possible entry came with the same house salad with thousand island dressing already liberally applied. No "dressing on the side" for you people! You want the chicken, salmon, or steak?

If we are going to have that good of attendance every year it's probably time to move to something like a pizza place or sports bar that can handle the volume, both of noise and orders. Anyway it was great to see everyone and here's hoping for a great year of local sailing and consistant water level in the lake!



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